^^ thats mee!! i hope you enjoy my website... that is, if i can find a purpose for it at all! for now its just random stuff xD

so who am i anyway?

awesome chibi by confettishake!!!

good question...wish i knew!
uh *ahem* all that aside, i am known as telepathy/telepathychan/similar names on many human social platforms, but you can just call me lily :D
im an usamimi (bunny-eared) angel magical girl sent from the stars~ actually, im just a NEET otaku living in canada..
i dont have any special talents! jack of all trades, master of none, i suppose x] i do like to draw sometimes, but im far from a pro...
i like pastel colours, desserts, annnd cute girls!! my favourite anime is baka to test to shoukanjuu!!

2019-11-13 - started this website! hopefully, theres more in store for it in the future!